Karnak Temple-Great Hypostyle Hall
Queen Hatshepsut and obelisk

Luxor Temple-Row of Sphinxes at night

Funny Sign in one of the Bazaars

Matt in front of Hatshepsut Temple

Matt at the Nubian Home
Getting ready for camel ride
Elevator at Husa Hotel
On a boat
Teti Pyramid

Jennifer and Child from Nubian School
At Giza Pyramid
At Hatshesput Temple

Jim at Abu Simbel
Girls at Lotus Memorial in Aswan
Karnak Temple
Local Cafe in Luxor
Girls at Luxor Temple
Mohammad Ali Mosque
Mohammad Ali Mosque

Mt. view at Mt. Sinai

Mt. Sinai sunrise
Night and day at Mt Sinai
The Nile Jewel
Nubian child with Corey
Nubian home

Alexis with Nubian kids

Nubian school visit
Colorful Nubian Home
Pyramids of Giza
Random Camel
Red Sea
One of the Great Pyramids
Sarah, Omaima, and Tracey on Cruise Ship

Statue of Ramses II

Step pyramid at Sakkara
Street Sign in Luxor
Sunrise at the Mt. Snai
Sunrise from the Nile Jewel

Sunrise on top of the Mt. Moses

Sunset on Nile River
The Great Pyramids at Giza
High Dam

The Red Sea and Sulfur Springs
Red Sea
The Sacred Lake
The Sphinx!
The Step Pyramid
The tour guide
The train

View from on top the Husa Hotel