Derek with kids


Katie, Ewelina, Tayler, and Elyse in front of the Great Pyramid

Elyse, Ewelina and Tayler in front of the Pyramids

Ewelina and Tayler on the horse carriage ride
Magic Carpet Shop- Children weaving

More demos

Examples of designs
The professional artist
Tree of life

Ewelina, Tayler, and Elyse at the Luxor Temple

Riding camels
Holding a baby crocodile
Ewelina, Matt, Tayler, and Elyse at the Step Pyramid
Katie, Tayler, and Elyse at the carpet school

Tayler, Ewelina, and Elyse resting after the long hike up Mt. Sinai
Egyptian dance party
Faluca Ride
Friendship memorial of Egypt and Soviet Union
Great Pyramid and Jim

Habu Temple
Hanging Church

Hatshepsut's Temple

Husa Hotel Room
All the boys
Avenue of the Sphinx at Karnak Temple

Sunset at the Kom Ombo
C-SC at the Red Sea

The Sphinx
Luxor Temple
Luxor Temple

Katie, Tayler, Ewelina, and Elyse